Recently a ton of sexual harassment and similar stories are surfacing, and a lot of people are saying out it's the movement we've all been looking for to end gender inequality. While I agree, I think it is just a small facet of what the real problem facing gender inequality: attention.

There are certain constant pressures brought upon a person growing up that are different based on their gender. For example, for females, attention is constant. You are pretty, you aren't pretty, you post a picture on the internet and you get tons of praise. Not nearly as much attention is put into your career, or your endeavors; the sex is so important and the cancelling and attention so overwhelming that everything else just gets pushed out. In response to this culture, women (not all of them, of course) focus more on vanity and less on their successes, and attention can easily be placed into 'good' and 'bad' piles. They have experienced so much of both they not only become accustomed and demand more of the good, they push away and shun the bad.

Conversely, men on average are raised to hide their feelings, to be strong and get what you want. Vanity isn't important and career success is. While this isn't inherently bad, men are not given much attention by the world, unless their greatly successful, and even then they are only partly validated. A man getting an unsolicited vagina pic or complimented by a woman, for example, will most often greatly appreciate the attention. This leads to more and more men making a real effort to gain the attention they crave. Some ways to gain this attention include sexual harassment, aggression, or lashing out. Negative attention still feels better than being ignored and left out of society.

Being attractive (I like to believe) and rather quiet and not aggressive, i have come into a lot of attention from the gay community in my area. It's flattering, but I don't know how to handle it cause I've never gotten any real attention before, especially from the opposite gender except for when I dated someone. If I was a woman I'd have been so constantly bombarded with attention at this point that attention either becomes so normal that I don't even realize if it's harassment, or even worse I start to hate all the attention and shy away from it all.

To put this shortly, gender inequality comes from different sorts of attention going to different genders. If you want to start changing things, start complimenting guys looks, give them attention more frequently. And praise women less for their looks and more for their smarts and achievements.
Actually treat people equally goddamnit.